New Release: Maggie's Legacy

Maggie’s Legacy is far more than a book of stories. Two years ago, I thought the title of this book might be, “God Talks on Dog Walks.” While that’s an accurate description of the content, it’s a bit of a tongue-twister, don’t you think?

When we adopted Maggie in 2013, I was still in the beginning stages of my healing journey and hearing the voice of God was new to me. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure I was hearing God’s voice. Perhaps, like me, you’ve wondered, Can people hear the voice of God? Does God talk to us? Was God still in the business of healing, or were healing miracles limited to Bible times? I had a lot of questions. The denominational church I attended didn’t teach on this topic, so I took my questions to God.

I had only recently gotten serious about recovering health and started losing some of the 60 extra pounds gained while taking half a dozen prescriptions and supplements per day to manage constant pain. Walking the dog was a big deal. Over the course of the next few years, God healed me of fibromyalgia, lupus, degenerative joint disorder, arthritis, Graves’ disease, heart arrhythmia, chronic depression, bipolar disorder, and more. To say my life changed drastically would be an understatement.

During the day when my children were in school, Maggie and I were home alone. We’d never owned a Border collie before. Maggie’s energy levels we’re off the charts! Though our walks were originally just a few blocks, we eventually covered many miles a day in all kinds of weather.

When I discovered the truth about God’s will for healing and started praying for others to be healed, Maggie was right there with me. She was a part of our home-group prayer meetings and traveled extensively with me in ministry. I’ll always be grateful for the love and joy Maggie brought to our family and the many lessons in spiritual obedience God taught me through her life.

If you’d like to know more about my journey of growing in spiritual maturity to believe God for healing, I share my testimony in the 3-part Awakening Christian Series. The first book in that series (You Can Hear the Voice of God Through All Your Spiritual Senses) has won international awards and is an Amazon bestseller.

If you’re on your own journey of discovering healing, identity, potential, or purpose in Christ, you may find my books of themed scriptures useful. If so, would you consider leaving a book review? Reviews help readers discover new books.

Thank you. I extend God’s blessing to you for healing, health, and wholeness.