Sallie Dawkins lives what she writes and writes what she lives! Sallie, daily follows the Lord Jesus, joyously growing in her knowledge of Him as Savior, Lord, King, and Friend. Every book she writes is a testimony to the breathtaking miracle of God’s Word…to those who believe. - Michael Van Britson, Minister of the Gospel for 50 years and Pastor of The Father’s House Church, Illinois

If you’re searching for practical guidance on how to walk in the gifts of the Spirit, Sallie Dawkins provides a credible, conversational guide in her Awakening Christian Series. She weaves together fresh and deeply relatable testimony from her own journey from believing healing was for everyone but her to stewarding the healing power of God to others. I have a degree in theology and have found more inspiration to walk in the abundance of God’s promises for me in her books than in my years of academic study. - Megan Wildhood, Editor, Coach, and Author of Long Division (Finishing Line Press), and Bowed As If Laden With Snow

Sallie Dawkins is a strong woman of God. She walks according to the word of Christ in her everyday life. She is anointed with the gift of teaching. If you desire more wisdom and understanding in your walk with Christ, I highly recommend her books. - Mary Kuehn, Mary Kuehn Ministries, Texas; Author of A Torn Heart- What Not to Do With Your Life

You Can Hear the Voice of God Through All Your Spiritual Senses by Sallie Dawkins is an easy reading conversational style testimony with helpful application and prayer sections for each chapter. However, don’t let that fool you. This book is packed with thought provoking challenges for seekers of truth of any age. It is a must read that will illuminate opportunities to saturate the reader’s entire being in a deeper relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. - Lisa Jackson, INSPIRE Women’s Ministry, Kentucky

Maggie's Legacy was written with compassion and offers a wealth of practical exercises to help readers grow in spiritual understanding. This book's life-changing lessons will guide pet lovers into a deeper connection with God. Highly recommended! – Theodora Higgenbotham, M.Ed; Author of Lies, Secrecy, and Deception Unlocked


The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Self-Publishing for Christians by Sallie Dawkins is a comprehensive resource that lives up to its title. It’s as if Sallie comes alongside the writer as a good and trusted friend, to encourage and help with everything from organizing thoughts and workspace, to successfully launching a finished product into the world. She accomplishes this from a Christian perspective of prayerfully considering each step in the self-publishing process before jumping ahead of God’s schedule. Her personal dedication to help aspiring authors, in addition to her experience of making costly mistakes and suffering the consequences, is reassuring and arms each writer with hard earned knowledge, so they can avoid common pitfalls on their own publishing journey. Sallie demonstrates the advantage Christians have in partnering with the Holy Spirit of God, to ensure a successful outcome. – J.A. Abele, Author of The Spirit Tree: A Gathering of Birds