Maggie's Legacy
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Maggie's LegacyMaggie's LegacyMaggie's LegacyMaggie's Legacy

Maggie's Legacy

Lessons in Spiritual Obedience Learned from My Border Collie
Open Ark Series 1
By Open Ark Books
Published by Open Ark Books, LLC, Firebrand United, LLC
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Are you a pet lover desiring to grow more aware of God’s presence?  

The Lord speaks in many creative ways. Still, the author took note when God began teaching her valuable lessons through her dog. “Reflecting on the challenges of training a dog often caused me to realize my actions toward God were probably no different,” says author Sallie Dawkins. “I marvel at God’s strategy for setting Maggie and me on a parallel training course. My corrections of Maggie were often God’s corrections toward me.”

Readers will discover how a Border collie mix adopted from a local shelter overcame training challenges to serve alongside the author in healing ministry.

In Maggie’s Legacy: Lessons in Spiritual Obedience Learned from My Border Collie, Dawkins shares 20 impactful spiritual lessons in loyalty, communication, focus, trust, obedience, and serving others. These faith-building testimonies inspire readers to grow in awareness of God’s presence in mundane tasks like walking the dog.

Fun Facts
The draft title for this book was God Talks on Dog Walks.
While the idea for this book came in 2020, publishing it came 26 months later, in God's perfect timing.  

I adore how the author guides us through the journey with her dog, highlighting how she overcame the challenges they experienced while never letting us forget God’s lessons. Maggie’s Legacy is a book I’d suggest to any Christian who wants to deepen their faith. – A. Ora for Readers’ Favorite

Maggie’s Legacy may be a book about a dog, but it reads more like a daily devotional manual. Each chapter ends with a section of soul-searching questions allowing the readers to introspect, providing a spiritual panacea for those who feel lost in their journey. When you combine that with the history and care tips for a border collie, you get a dose of spiritual enlightenment unlike any other. – E. Asian for Readers’ Favorite  


pb, ebook | 187 pages | 6x9 | 978-1-955861-44-1 | December 25, 2022