BOOK ONE: You Can Hear the Voice of God Through All Your Spiritual Senses
"A must-read for those who long for and are seeking more from their relationship with Christ". - Susan S. for Readers' Favorite Book Review 

"If you are brave enough to ask 'What if?' when it comes to your Christian faith, then You Can Hear the Voice of God Through All Your Spiritual Senses by Sallie Dawkins should be on your to-read list." - Tammy R. for Readers' Favorite Book Review

"The author skillfully explains that 'we're not trying to get God to speak, He's always speaking. Rather we're growing in our sensitivity to hearing the many ways He desires to communicate with us.' This book makes it easy to grow in confidence in hearing God through the spiritual senses. I appreciated the author's bravery and transparency in sharing her story, questions, struggles, and victories. If you've ever felt stuck in your spiritual growth, the FAQ sections will prove to be quite helpful, challenging, and insightful for jump starting your faith." - Gary, Amazon Customer Review

"It was essential that Sallie wrote this book to tell her story of how God has worked in her life to bring her so close to Him, and to share this story with whoever is willing to read it. God can work in all our lives through what Sallie shares and teaches so openly and with vulnerability. I really appreciate her obedience to God to write this as it is making a difference in my relationship with God." - Rachel, Amazon AU Customer Review

"This conversational read models how to weave fresh testimony, personal witness and practical steps readers can take to deepen their relationship with God and ministry to others. First in a series, this book would be a powerful one to work through with a home group or small group of believers as it includes concrete challenges and applications at the end of every chapter as well as prayers to "pray along" with the author as she grew in her walk with God. She doesn't shy away from the serious stuff and demonstrates healthy vulnerability as she shares some of her own dark moments, which communicates to readers who struggle with mental or physical health issues that they are not alone. - Megan, Amazon Customer Review

"While many of us want to hear from God, few realize just how simple it can be and how easy it is to miss Him as we go about our busy lives. Sallie gives practical steps and openly shares her experiences to give readers a realistic picture of what it is like to experience God in all of our senses. I appreciate the questions she poses to allow us to commune with God on a deeper level and also the prayers at the end of each chapter that can help open us up to more of what God has for us. I highly recommend this book!" - Melissa, Amazon Customer Review

"I love books where you feel the oil of God's power and presence. Books where your spirit ignites thanksgiving praise because the writer has spent time with God and become a carrier of His glory. Books that are written where the writer has drank His spirit-filled fruitful fresh wine and eats continuously from His 'Showbread' {the Bread of His Presence). Sallie's written words encourage the reader to become empowered to stretch out like a rubber band and expand, inspired to use God's gifts to be guided by the Word of wisdom and knowledge {understanding} that God gives." - Dot, Amazon Customer Review

"Sallie Dawkins has done an excellent job of explaining ways that we can get in tune with our Spiritual senses to hear God's voice. Her personal testimonies and easy style of writing make this book accessible for ANYONE who wants to mature in their faith walk and awareness of God's Spirit communications. This book and this series has great potential to help the body of Christ wake up, and help to validate and heal the spiritually sensitive feelers out there who have been squelched in an intellectually-heavy world." - Elizabeth, Amazon Customer Review


BOOK TWO: You Can Know the Heart of God for Your Life

"I loved that the author speaks from experience and anecdotes of her encounters are included. Most important is the book's emphasis that such a life is accessible to anyone who wants to walk and build a close relationship with God." - Edith W. for Readers' Favorite Book Review
"In this inspiring volume, Dawkins recounts her experiences in listening to God's voice and offers them to you as a guide." - Astrid I. for Reader's Favorite Book Review
"You Can Know the Heart of God For Your Life by Sallie Dawkins is an excellent resource for new and experienced Christians alike. I appreciate how the author guides the reader through what seems to be the most basic Christian practices in a way that builds confidence and ease." - Susan S. for Readers' Favorite Book Review

"Author Sallie Dawkins helps Christian readers understand the power of our words. Chapter 1 is absolutely fundamental in every Christian's journey and she explains that Christians can be deceived from the truth that there is POWER in our words. Once you are awakened to the reality of the invisible spiritual battle, then you can begin your journey in knowing the heart of God. His heart is always LOVE!" - Kathleen, Amazon Customer Review

"Woven with personal testimony, the author gives practical tools and examples for all believers to find and root their identity in Christ as well as how they can lead others to do the same." - Megan, Amazon Customer Review

"Example after example from her life is used as a means of sharing the lessons she has learned with readers so they, too, can grow in discerning the many ways God reveals himself and his message to believers." - Tina, Amazon Customer Review


BOOK THREE: You Can Share the Love of God with Others

"With transparency and humility, Sallie Dawkins urges us to seek a real encounter with the Living God. In her everyday 'down-to-earth' approach, Sallie shares many experiences of how God intervenes to touch someone's life through her obedience to His prompting. I am challenged by her practical approach to our daily walk with Jesus." - Irene V. for Readers' Favorite Book Review

"Her words flow effortlessly. Her knowledge comes straight out and from God's Word. She shares honestly and opening how important it is to disciple. And how to hear and do what God is laying on our hearts to do for His Kingdom." - LifeSwords, Amazon Customer Review

"God Himself empowers us to fulfill His Great Commission to go and make disciples. We do so in Christ's strength and love. The testimony shared in this book helped me to see evangelism and discipleship differently. I appreciate the author's transparency in sharing her inner struggles in these areas. I am inspired by her insights in how she was able to overcome and grow past the challenges. I appreciate the generous scripture references which simplify and support loving God and others. Perhaps we're all evangelists in our own special way." - Gary, Amazon Customer Review

"One important key is that the author shares her style of evangelism through praying with other for God's healing power. These two go hand in hand. Can you share God's love with others? YES! Take the first step and get this book and understand some basic theology around how easy it can be. But then go do it! Sallie shares the most challenging step is the first time you ever share. After that with some of the basic strategies she shares in this book, you will feel equipped as you partner with the Holy Spirit!" - Kathleen, Amazon Customer Review

"Ms Dawkins again shares example after example from her life. We are able to learn from her experiences what it looks like to walk in such close fellowship with God that you can see, hear, and sense whom God wants you to share His truth with as well as how to do so. The Awakening Christian Series is written in such a way that it makes the reader hunger for an ever-deeper relationship with the Lord and finely-tuned radar to be sensitive to His leading." - Tina, Amazon Customer Review


Volume 1: Maggie's Legacy

"When Sallie Dawkins set out to get a pet for her child, she didn’t realize it would be the beginning of an eight-year spiritual journey that would completely change her outlook on life. God used a beautiful border collie named Maggie to open the author’s eyes to aspects of worship and meditation she took for granted." – Essien A. for Readers’ Favorite

"Dawkins utilizes her interaction with the dog to illustrate God’s unfailing love for us and how He may communicate with us via the seemingly trivial things in our everyday lives." – Adanna O. for Readers' Favorite

"Maggie's Legacy was written with compassion and offers a wealth of practical exercises to help readers grow in spiritual understanding. This book's life-changing lessons will guide pet lovers into a deeper connection with God. Highly recommended!" – Theodora Higgenbotham, M.Ed, and Author of Lies, Secrecy, and Deception Unlocked

"Maggie's Legacy is a delightful series of stories about a beautiful border collie and Sallie who loves her. Maggie listens to Sallie, and Sallie listens to God. If you are a dog lover, you'll be blessed by this book." – Janet H., Reader Review

"I adore how the author guides us through the journey with her dog, highlighting how she overcame the challenges they experienced while never letting us forget God’s lessons. Maggie’s Legacy is a book I’d suggest to any Christian who wants to deepen their faith." – A. Ora for Readers’ Favorite

"Maggie’s Legacy may be a book about a dog, but it reads more like a daily devotional manual. Each chapter ends with a section of soul-searching questions allowing the readers to introspect, providing a spiritual panacea for those who feel lost in their journey. When you combine that with the history and care tips for a border collie, you get a dose of spiritual enlightenment unlike any other." – E. Asian for Readers’ Favorite